Hair Coloring – Color your life

In Envogue by Ran C, Before we start the hair coloring process, we check the wave pattern of the hair and the texture of the hair. Different waves levels influence the choice of coloring technique. Our professional colorists, implements latest and exclusive techniques. We will make your hair color unique, stylish and unforgettable!


. Hightlights - Full Head

$ 275

. Lowlights - Full Head

$ 275

. Ombre - Starts at

$ 175

. Retouch - Starts at

$ 55

. Corrective Colour - starts at

$ 650


. Retouch

$ 50

. highlighting - Full Foil

$ 95

. highlighting - Partial Foil

$ 65

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"I have been a regular at Envogue International Hair Salon for several years now. Ran C, has always done our family's hair. It was about time I left a review. Thank you for the great work you do. Definitely five stars" Roy Blank

"The Salon is beautiful, and the service is fantastic, Edouard really did incredible work. I will recommend them to all my friends." Maricruz Glenn